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  • STS testing group

    ★ Advantages:


    By product categories: wireless communications products, battery products, IT information products, AV audio and video products;According to product categories: wireless communications products and battery products, IT information products, AV audio and video products; 

    According to the certification test project: Wireless Test (SAR, HAC, SRRC, CTA, FCC, RED, Telec, NTRA etc.), safety test (CCC certification, CE certification, SAA certification) battery project (UN38.3, IEC/EN 62133, Wercs registration, MSDS report etc.) and other items (IMEI, MAC address of the application application, etc.), FCC, RED, Telec, NTRA, etc.), safety test (SAR, HAC, SRRC, CTA, IEC/EN 62133, Wercs registration, MSDS report, etc.), other items (IMEI application, MAC address application, etc.).

    ★ Testing Services:
    SAR testing, EMC testing, hazardous substances testing, reliability testing, safety testing, RF testing, battery testing and other projects;
    ★ certification services:
    Asia certification: China CCC certification, radio SRRC certification, China CQC certification, Japan Telec certification, China CTA network certification, Japan PSE certification, South Korea KC certification, Japan JATE certification, Singapore PSB certification;
    European certification: CE certification, RED certification, Erp certification, GS certification, TUV certification, RoHS certification, REACH certification, toys EN71 certification;
    American certification: the United States FCC certification, Canada IC certification, Brazil ANATEL certification, ETL certification, CEC certification, UL certification, DOE certification;
    Australia certification: SAA certification, RCM certification, GEMS certification;
    Other certification: SASO certification, NTRA certification, Bluetooth BQB certification, international CB certification;
    Battery certification: battery CE certification, battery CB certification, battery UN38.3 certification, battery MSDS certification, battery KC certification, battery CQC certification.
    ★ Other items:
    Hearing aid HAC detection, IMEI number application, MAC address application, MEID number application.
    ★ by product category:
    IT information category, AV audio and video categories, batteries, lighting category, wireless communications and other products.

    Friendship link:LINK   SRRC CertificationCCC CertificationJapan TELEC CertificationBluetooth BQB CertificationFCC CertificationCE Certification