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  • STS testing group

    STS TEST GROUP was CMA inspection and testing institutions qualification certificate

    From:Shenzhen STS test services Co., Ltd. Hits:1734 Createtime:2017-04-01

          Recently, our company accepted the China Metrology Accreditation Expert Review Group CMA qualification review, expert review group to "laboratory accreditation assessment criteria" as the basis, the use of "listen, ask, check, test" way to carry out on-site assessment , By reviewing the quality system documents, sampling records, inspection functions, check the equipment, to listen to the quality supervision of the relevant matters, check the test report and the original record, access to inspection personnel training records and other forms of testing companies to test the ability to test Verification. After the on-site review, as well as a month of data to submit, our company finally in March 29, 2017 received the CMA inspection and testing institutions qualification certificate (No. 2017192799Z). This time through the CMA metering certification, marking the Division I detection capabilities and quality management level to a new level, improve the company in the peer competition in the overall strength, but also for the Division I better to provide customer service protection The

    Extended reading: the difference between CMA and CNAS
           Shenzhen De Puhua Detection Electronic Testing Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015 for the first time China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment CNAS qualification certificate, and the access to the CMA qualification certificate, what is the difference between the two, Xiao Bian finishing as follows ( For reference):

    類別 計量認證CMA 實驗室認可CNAS
    目的 管理水平和技術能力評定 管理水平和技術能力評定
    法律依據 《計量法》22條 GB/T27025-2008(ISO/IEC17025:2005
    評審依據 《實驗室資質認定評審準則》修改采用ISO/IEC 17025:2005) CNAS/CL01:2006《檢測和校準實驗室能力認可準則》(等同采用ISO/IEC 17025:2005)
    性質 強制 自愿
    評審對象 向社會出具公正數據的第三方檢測/校準實驗室 社會各界第一、二、三方檢測/校準實驗室
    類型 國家和省兩級認證 國家實驗室認可
    實施機構 省級以上質量監督部門及國家計量認證行業評審組 中國合格評定國家認可委員會(CNAS)
    考核內容 《實驗室資質認定評審準則》(19個要素)比實驗室認可增加了19條特殊要求(修改采用ISO/IEC 17025:2005) 公正性和技術能力CNAS/CL01:2006《檢測和校準實驗室能力認可準則》(等同采用ISO/IEC 17025:2005 25個要素
    考核結果 發證書,使用CMA標志 發證書,使用CNAS標志
    使用范圍及特點 在通過認定的范圍內,可提供公正數據國內通用。 國際通常做法,CNAS已與亞太地區實驗室認可和國際實驗室認可合作組織簽訂了互認協議(APLAC-MRA),但不能取代審查認可和資質認定

    CNAS qualification certificate


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