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  • STS testing group

    Hongkong Global Resources Exhibition 9B42, Be There Or Be Square!

    From:Shenzhen STS test services Co., Ltd. Hits:609 Createtime:2018-04-14

    This is an invitation from STS.
    Hongkong global resources exhibition will be launched in April 18th.

    Buyers from over 100 countries gathered, 35 thousand spectators and 2500 booths.

    Radiation affects China, and trade services affect the whole world.

    On the occasion of the development of the Hongkong global resources exhibition,

    STS testing group
    You are invited to meet the exhibition.
    Welcome to guide!

    Hongkong Global Resources Exhibition GLOBAL sources

    Very honored to de Waterhouse along the way with your participation
    Thank you more for your support and companionship
    Depp China Inspection sincerely invite you to join the grand meeting!

    Exhibition time
    -21 April 18, 2018

    Exhibition site
    Hongkong Asia International Expo (adjacent to Hongkong Airport).

    Booth information
    Museum 9 9B42
    STS in Hongkong global resources exhibition, waiting for you to come up!

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