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    IMEI number introduction

    The International Mobile Equipment Identification Number (IMEI) is a sign that distinguishes mobile devices and is stored in mobile devices and can be used to monitor stolen or invalid mobile devices.

    IMEI number

    (1) The IMEI composition is shown below, and the mobile terminal device can be found by typing "* # 06 #". The total length is 15 bits, and each digit uses only 0 to 9 digits.
    (2) The first 6 digits (TAC, Type Approval Code) represent the model code, issued by CTIA / BABT / TAF / MASI four standard distribution center.
    (3) The next two digits (FAC, Final Assembly Code) represents the assembly number.
    (4) after the (6) number (SNR, Serial Number) for the product serial number, used to distinguish between the same TAC and FAC in each mobile device.
    (5) The last 1 digit (SP) is the spare code.


    IMEI application allocation

    The IMEI code is distributed by GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and is authorized by BABT (British Communications Certification Board of Telecommunications).
    IMEI application process

    Step 1: Register the manufacturer's company information into GSMA, which includes the following documents:
    (1) company name and address
    (2) contact and contact method
    (3) the company business license
    (4) trademark registration certificate
    (5) authorization letter (must have a seal of the applicant company)
    Step 2: Submit the TAC code for the application, which requires the documents to be included
    (1) the technical parameters of the product, including the operating system, network standard, frequency, SIM card number, product type, etc.
    (2) the product name and model name of the product

    GSMA latest information

    As of September 14, 2009, GSMA's allocation of IMEI numbers is controlled by charges. TAF resolutely opposes the GSMA's decision to apply for a TAC numbering for mobile terminals, and is actively coordinating with the relevant mobile phone manufacturers and international organizations in coordination with GSMA. In view of this, TAF does not act on behalf of GSMA TAC number.
    According to the Article 8 TAC / IMEI Rules of Use for the eighth edition of the "IMEI IMEI Allocation and Approval Process Version 8.0" issued by GSMA on June 9, 2015, a terminal device must have its own TAC (Each ME Model must have its own TAC). In accordance with the above requirements, are now on the domestic TAC issued rules are adjusted as follows:
    1, June 22, 2015, a TAC can only correspond to a product model (model name);
    2, from 1 May to 21 June 2015 issued by the TAC, such as the corresponding number of product models and not used to allow its standard, band information editing and editing, but can not make any changes to other models such as product model ;
    3, before May 1, 2015 issued by the TAC, such as the corresponding product model, not allowed to change any information

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