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  • STS testing group

    EMC rectification and solution

    The STS has its own unique advantages on the EMC rectification, and our technical experts have participated in the EMC design of various types of electronic / electrical products for many times.
    So far, the rectified products involve IT information products, AV audio and video products, communication equipment, automotive electronics, electrical appliances, industry and medical equipment. The revised EMC projects include: CE.RE, RS, CS, ESD, EFT, SURGE and many other projects EMC problems rectification, which has been well received by customers.

    The advantages we have

    15 years' experience in the design and rectification of EMC products
    High speed and high efficiency to achieve product listing
    Low cost solution can achieve mass production.
    Special person in charge system
    A dedicated, professional, fast and efficient response team
    Customer first service consciousness

    Effect after cooperation

    It allows customers to make clear preparations for the EMC test.
    Participate in and personally experience the detailed process of product testing and EMC three element positioning.
    Let the customer know how to take different corrective actions during the test process.
    Refer to the EMC positioning analysis report submitted, and understand all the ideas and methods to solve the EMC problem.
    The best EMC design for the customer to complete the product

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