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  • STS testing group

    STS wireless communication by wireless communication technology department senior engineers, for the future development trend of electronic products, to meet the domestic and foreign electronic industry of the wireless communication product authentication service. As one of the few to have mobile phone CNAS test standard laboratory test equipment, mobile phone has complete STS, and obtained the authorization of FCC Laboratory (FCC Accredited Reg.No: 625569 A2LA (Cert.) and laboratory No.: 4338.01), the Ministry of Industry Canada (Industry Reg.No.: Canada 12108A), American TCB TIMCO (CE1177), Germany EMCC DR RASEK (CE 0678) PHOENIX TESTLAB (CE 0700), TUV SUD cooperation experience and authorization, and has with Japan, Australia, South Korea and EU Notify Body, can effectively assist the large electronic manufacturers agent for products made public license.

    Mobile phone RF test
    WiMAX RF test
    CTIA TRP / TIS test
    MIMO test
    DFS Master / Slave test
    SAR test

    ★ product service range


    Product Category
    Products and services
    Wireless products
    Wireless transceivers, security devices, wireless walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, remote control, wireless network devices, video transmission systems, Bluetooth, wireless keyboard / mouse and other low-power wireless transceivers.
    Wireless communications products
    2G mobile phone, 3G mobile phone, 4G mobile phone, U & V segment professional civilian walkie-talkie, DECT mobile phone (1.8G, 1.9G band)
    Communication products
    Telephone, cable telephone wireless main machine, fax machine, telephone answering machine, data machine, data interface card and other communications products.

    ★ wireless communication product testing standards

    EN 301 908-1&2 (WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA) 

    EN 301 908-1&4 (CDMA 2000 / EVDO Rev A)

    EN 301 908-1&13(LTE)

    FCC Part 15C

    FCC Part 22H

    FCC Part 24E

    CTIA OTA (GSM / WCDMA / CDMA 2000 / EVDO Rev A)

    PLMN01 PLMN08, PLMN09 RTTE01 / LP0002

    EN 301 511  (GSM / GPRS / EDGE)

    EN 301 908-1&2 (WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA) 

    EN 301 908-1&4 (CDMA 2000 / EVDO Rev A)

    EN 301406 (DECT Phone)

    EN 300086 EN300 296 (Land mobile radio)

    FCC Part 15C/Part 22H/Part 24E /Part 90/Part 95

    RSS 210,RSS 310

    CTIA OTA (GSM / WCDMA / CDMA 2000 / EVDO Rev A)

    EN300 220-1/-2/-3-1/-3-2/-4, EN300 330, EN300 440 (SRD product)

    EN300 328,EN 301 893(2.4GHz&5GHz,Bluetooth,WiFi),EN 303345

    EN300 422-1/-2/-3/-4, EN301 357(Audio product)

    EN301 489-1/-3/-9/-17/-52(EMC standard)

    AS NZS 4268 (Australia)


    ★ common test items

    Frequency error phase error
    Transient power radiation carrier power
    Conducted carrier power radiation spur (<1GHz)
    Radiation spurious (> 1GHz, <26.5GHz) conducted spurious
    Adjacent frequency power power spectral density
    Power flatness intermodulation attenuation
    Modulation bandwidth frequency response
    Duty cycle azimuth signal selectivity
    Spurious signal suppression intermodulation immunity

    Friendship link:LINK   SRRC CertificationCCC CertificationJapan TELEC CertificationBluetooth BQB CertificationFCC CertificationCE Certification