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  • STS testing group

    ★ self-driving lines
    ① Baoan Avenue to the direction of the Nanshan: navigation to the Baoan Avenue Road - Qiaotou bus station, turn right into the Chongqing Road, continue to continue to travel to Zhuo Ke Science and Technology Park (the right side of the road), into the second industrial park arrived My company;

    ② Bao'an Avenue to the direction of the manhole: into the Baoan Avenue, driving to Fuyong subway station D exit (or C exit, turn left) turn left into the road, along the Fu Chau Road to Fu Chau Avenue and Fuk Road all the way to the right turn Into the Fuyuan all the way to continue to travel to Chongqing Road and Fuk Road all the way to the left turn into the Chongqing Road 100 meters into the Zhuo Ke Science Park to reach the second Division I Division;

    ★ bus lines
    Han's laser, Lyle Electronics: 639 Road, M236 Road, M237 Road, the peak line 65 Road, M331 Road;

    ★ subway lines

    Line 11: Fuyong subway station any exit, and then walk to Fukuyama Avenue (to the high-speed direction along the river) Meixi Industrial Park bus station, take the bus 639 or M236 to Laird electronic bus station, go back to 200 meters traffic lights turn right Zhuo Ke Science Park, the second building;

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